Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday Live Blog, Caffeine Re-fill Hour (10pm)


Obama wins ID and MN's caucuses, and again, he seems to be winning them big.


So, I missed some calls. FOX gives TN to Huckabee and AZ to McCain. Doesn't Romney have to win CA to avoid being totally forgotten after the night Huckabee is having?


Sorry to be MIA again, had to answer some questions for a reporter. I think I'm going cross-eyed from staring at the computer screen so much.

Clinton comes out to get some time in right before the 11pm east coast news. Will Obama speak during those newscasts to try to get some live look-ins?


And just as I write that, NBC calls GA for Huckabee...this is shaping up to be a pretty good night for him (and it all started earlier today in WV).


Was just checking out the GA Secretary of State site. Huckabee has about a 3.5% lead. However, only 46 of 354 Fulton County precincts are reporting, and Fulton County is definitely not Huckabee country. In fact, Romney and McCain are both doing about twice as well as him there.


I honestly did not expect that we'd have more uncalled states on the Republican side at this point in the night. GA, AL, MO, OK, TN, and AZ still need to be called on the Republican side.

What if Huckabee takes GA, AL, OK, and TN? Isn't this just going to fuel the "conservatives don't want McCain" story?

Romney is speaking now, and he is definitely not conceding...


NBC just called CT for Obama.

Notably missing from the calls on the Republican side so far is AZ...should McCain be worried?


Obama is taking the KS caucuses with a huge margin (about 70-30). This is why I think he may end up ahead...he is dominating the caucus states so far.


Huckabee comes out and begins by attacking Romney. What is he going to do once Romney is out of the race? Doesn't he have to go after McCain at some point?

I've posted a slight update on my exit poll driven delegate estimates.


The Obama camp thinks they will be ahead in delegates when Super Tuesday is all said and done, and I'm starting to think they might be right.


NBC calls ND for Obama. That was a caucus state for which we never had polling, yet almost all the sites are reporting and Obama has a 63%-37% lead.

Utah also goes for Obama, which was expected based on the one poll I saw from that state before tonight.


Shocker...Romney wins Utah.

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