Sunday, February 3, 2008

Dems in a Dead Heat: Gallup Tracking Poll

Gallup has released its latest national daily tracking poll. As always, the results include interviews conducted over the previous three days. Yesterday, I posted about a bump in Clinton's numbers, but that has largely disappeared today with Obama up 3% and Clinton down 2%, which means that the two candidates are in a statistical dead heat nationwide.

There are a ton of new state polls out and a lot of them lead to different conclusions. It looks like Clinton and Obama will each win their home states fairly easily. There are several that are clearly leaning one way or another (GA for Obama, OK for Clinton, for example), several that are neck-and-neck (such as CA, MO, CT), and then several states where we really have no polling to look at (ID, MT, and AK, for instance).
I'll try to post more on the state-by-state polls later, particularly if the Pats are winning in a blowout.

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