Monday, February 11, 2008

Live Blogging Potomac Tuesday

I will be posting tomorrow night as the results come in. Not sure it will be a very late night, since the way the polling looks, these races might all be called relatively early. But that will give me all the more time to analyze exit polls for you.

From walking around DC and Bethesda and talking people I know, it seems as though the Obama ground operation is awfully strong here relative to Clinton's. I've talked to people whose houses have been visited twice since Saturday by Obama supporters and the Obama signs outnumber Clinton signs by about 2-to-1. Of course, this is just an unsystematic accounting of what is really going on here, but it does seem to fit with what we've heard about the Obama operation in other states.

The Numbers Guy (Carl Bialik) examines the accuracy of our Super Tuesday predictions in his blog today.

The Michigan news media are abuzz with discussions of whether the state's party will schedule a caucus event in order to select delegates that would count. Here is one example. In the meantime, the state's Democratic Party allocated the delegates that they currently aren't allowed to send to Denver. Things seem a bit quieter in Florida.

UPDATE: This can't possibly be true, can it?

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