Monday, April 7, 2008

New Oregon Poll: Obama 52%, Clinton 42%

SurveyUSA just released the first survey out of Oregon since late January. The survey shows that Barack Obama currently holds a 10% lead over Hillary Clinton. His support comes largely from males, with whom he enjoys a 62-32% advantage. He also carries every age group except the over 65 crowd. Interestingly, 70% of the respondents indicated that their mind was made up, and that group preferred Obama by a margin of 54-43%. Among those who might still change their mind, Obama led by just 44-41%.

We now have at least one recent survey in every state that is holding a primary between now and May 20th. I will publish updated delegate estimates soon, but the bottom line appears to be that if these polls up, Clinton will not be able to make any significant inroads into Obama's delegate lead over the next 6 weeks.

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Anonymous said...

I think obama would be doing a whole lot better if people would stop bringing up r. wright which was obviously a stupid choice of obama's, but obama is not responsible for one old mans choice of words. The so-called "bitter" words he used was said perfectly. HE IS RIGHT I AM BITTER! He keeps getting slapped around and people are like why he ain't going neagtive on clinton, because they are of the same party. It's liking kicking your friend. Hilary say's she make a better president for obama and that obama is not a worthy leader, but if he were to win she'd help him out anyway she could.

She's such a liar and says anything so that people who are not really all their actually listen to her. GET THE FACTS, Hilary is a liar! It's not because she's a women, because I think a woman would be a great president. SHE is not that woman! She simply acts the part and plays the role. Because of her lies and so-called experience she so cleverly clings on I will not vote for her and if OBAMA is cheated out of the nomination I will NOT VOTE. He is winning this thing fare and square and if you really look he'd taken 40% in flordia and 50% in the Michgian. (sorry I can't spell) but he would! look at the info that is spread out the net. He would still win in the end.

If hilary wins in farely I would vote for her even though I hate her. I think whoever wins it must be fare because if it's not screw the entire process.

And F-U superdelecates. Your not the people. your voice shouldn't count over the nations voice.