Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Wither the Goalposts?

Earlier tonight, MSNBC's Keith Olbermann joked that those paying attention to the Democratic primary should not stand near the goalposts as they keep getting moved. In Chris Matthews' interview with Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell tonight, the Democratic institution (and Clinton supporter) said more than once that "If Clinton wins Ohio and Texas..." she can go on. He seemed to be clearly signaling that if Obama wins one of the two - and Texas has to be the best bet - that pressure on Clinton to drop out may ratchet up a bit. Bill Richardson has made similar states to Rendell's and, as Brian noted in his blog tonight, there are reports of a group of 50 superdelegates ready to jump aboard the Obama train.

Then again, if Clinton wins both big states tonight -- or if she wins Ohio and claims to have had Texas stolen from her (as some of her surrogates have done in a conference call to reporters) -- the goalposts may move to Pennsylvania.

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Brian Schaffner said...

If it is true that the Obama campaign has lined up 50 superdelegates and managed to keep them quiet so that they could roll them out slowly when necessary, that is an impressive feat. I also have to say that I would expect that the Obama campaign will release their February fundraising number some time in the next few days to try to recapture any momentum they may lose tonight.