Thursday, July 12, 2007

Issue Framing Conference

Last month, I hosted a conference on issue framing that was sponsored by CCPS. We were honored to have an all-star cast of framing scholars attend and present their work. Information about the conference and copies of the papers presented are available here:

We took video of the presentations and we are still working on converting that to an electronic format and posting it on the site. Stay tuned for details on that front.

There was a lot of interesting discussion at the conference. One striking thing really stood out for me--we had some of the most prolific researchers studying issue framing at the conference and they spent much of the time debating how we should even define the concept of framing. If we are able to post the video online, I'll definitely point everyone to that debate. Really great exchange.

Overall, all the papers were really well developed and we are hoping to produce an edited volume from these works. I encourage you to explore the papers before they have to be chopped down to book chapter length. There is a lot of great stuff there.

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