Monday, July 23, 2007

EPAAI Pictures, Part I

Jennifer Singleterry, Haley Adams, and Claudia Thurber enjoy the sunshine in front of our hotel the first night of EPAAI.

Max Glass, Murphy Hebert and Stephanie Johnson chat with Professor Thurber in front of the hotel.

Dr.'s Sheridan (left) and Thurber (right) pose with Christine Gould of CropLife International. Christine was a student of Dr. Sheridan's and also took the Public Affairs and Advocacy Institute in the U.S. before graduating from AU and moving to Brussels to work for CropLife.

Jennifer Singleterry, Angela Cavallucci, and Brian O'Laughlin enjoy one of Belgium's finer delicacies - waffles.

The group relaxes at a cafe before having lunch with an MEP.

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