Saturday, August 25, 2007

Florida's effect on New Hampshire

A few words from guest blogger Marc Schloss, another former RBC staff member: What will Florida mean for New Hampshire, should the RBC allow Florida to hold its first determining step on January 29? Will NH Secretary of State Gardner move up the date of their primary regardless of today's actions? That is the question. Therefore, why not allow a very important southern state to the Democratic Party to move up? Well, then what stops North Carolina, Georgia, etc? The 1,000 lb gorilla in the room though as always in NH. As it seems, NH may move up, as may Iowa and therefore, regardless of whether Florida moves up, we may very well have a nominee before candidates have an oportunity to go to Joe's Stone Crab on Miami Beach.
The RBC does have rules though. By allowing Florida to hold it's primary before the window the RBC is essentially allowing to say the rules apply to all, except, well Florida. This is a dangerous precedent to an already frightfully early nominating process.

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